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Lucky Break Lucky Break
Earned for getting points on a game with less than 10% of the league average score.

Introduced 01/01/2016

Players With This Badge (15)

PlayerDate Earned
Laura Davis05/15/2016
Dick Curtis05/01/2016
Amanda Cain04/24/2016
Chris Doyle04/24/2016
Jaime Coppola04/24/2016
Rachel Morris04/10/2016
Tiffany Maisonave04/10/2016
Proctor Anderson04/10/2016
Michael Goldsmith02/28/2016
Graeme MacAlpine02/28/2016
Charles Watson02/14/2016
Shaggy Rogers01/24/2016
Will Daniel01/17/2016
Emily Hobbs01/10/2016
Gavin MacAlpine01/10/2016