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Going for Gold Going for Gold
Earned for finishing a season with the high score on a machine.

Introduced 01/01/2016

Players With This Badge (14)

PlayerDate Earned
Jesse Bodell02/26/2017
Robert Montanez02/26/2017
Garrett Hays02/26/2017
Ray Ford10/30/2016
Robert Byers08/07/2016
Jon Drew05/22/2016
Brian Dols05/22/2016
Scott Barrs05/22/2016
Sven Johnson02/28/2016
Thomas Law02/28/2016
Colin MacAlpine02/28/2016
Zach Palmer02/28/2016
Nikolas Poklitar02/28/2016
Mark Meserve02/28/2016