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Did Your Time Did Your Time
Earned for playing all games of a season with no forfeits or preplays.

Introduced 01/01/2016

Players With This Badge (14)

PlayerDate Earned
Rachel Morris05/22/2016
Brian Dols05/22/2016
Sven Johnson05/22/2016
Proctor Anderson05/22/2016
Chris Doyle05/22/2016
Thomas Law02/28/2016
Charles Watson02/28/2016
Zach Palmer02/28/2016
Mark Meserve02/28/2016
Nikolas Poklitar02/28/2016
Graeme MacAlpine02/28/2016
Gavin MacAlpine02/28/2016
Colin MacAlpine02/28/2016
Michael Goldsmith02/28/2016